Westbury, New York

I bought bed from Costco for $699, 1 month and a week before the day of the event.

On a recent trip to Costco I passed by the location of where the very same bed is displayed and I see that they had crossed off the original price, and with a marker they have written and reduced the price to $499. I asked customer service if I could get a refund on the bed, and I was told to get my receipt and ask again.

As soon as I found the receipt home, I called them to verify what they had told me at the store. She said that there was no reduced price, even when I had taken photos of the price tag.

So when I returned to Costco within 20 minutes, I found out that they hid all of their stock of the exact item in question. I don't believe anyone had purchased about 6 beds and had them all fork lifted out of the store in 20 minutes. The items comes in 3 large and heavy boxes. They must have dragged the items to another location hidden from the customers view. And when I approached customer service after this happening, they completely denied that they have hid their items, and said that it was all sold out.

I was more upset about how they treated me. It was as if all I've seen was an illusion. Rarely would they assist customers in a timely manner, and no way had someone bought all those beds and exited the building in 20 minutes or less.

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They sold out, you ***.

This has to be the most pretentious and idiotic thing I have ever heard.

They. Sold. Out. Of.



I purchased a box of Posada chimichanga shredded steak and cheese. Gross product, one tblsp shredded steak, one drop cheese, and the shredded steak was actually mushed something.


Your kidding me right??? Yes it's Costco's priority to hide all the beds from you so you can't have a price break. Get a life.