Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
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i bought mussels on April 29th when i got home checked the expiry date it was April 29th.....!!!! never again coctco, this is cheating costumers they wanted to get rid of the products, i had a dinner party the next day that i could not hold because of this, but i made sure to tell my story to every one and will continue to warn people from shopping at costco... because this is not fair, so be careful when you go to cocstco next time and check the expiry dates on the products you buy never trust cosctco go shop somewhere else

Monetary Loss: $50.

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***, fresh food has a SELL BY date. It is not an expiration date.

The food will last a week or longer (depending on the food) after the sell date. The sell date specifies when a new batch should go in.

I should not have to explain these things to grown adults.


They were probably marked down to sell that day, and did you know you can eat it past the expiration date? You Can Drink Milk Up To 9 Days After It expires


hey ***. that is a SELL by date, costco would have taken the return first of all, second of all you're too *** to know what you're talking about.

They are marked with a SELL by date, for a LIVE seafood roadshow, they are ALIVE, you can make sure they're good by making sure they open before cooking them. If you wanted your 50 bucks back you could have returned them, but, because you can't tell the difference between SELL by and EXPIRED on, please shop elsewhere.


This stinks and I'm sorry it happened to you but I have to ask, we're mussels the only thing you were serving? Why else would you have to cancel your party? Also, if the party was the next day didn't you have plenty of time for a menu change or to go elsewhere and buy fresh?