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My boyfriend and I were at the East Wenatchee, WA location around 3:00 pm on 03/09/18. We got in line to check out and while we were standing there my boyfriend was leaning on the cart while we were waiting on the cashier to help the customers in line ahead of us.

My boyfriend has bad knees. That's why he was leaning on the cart. An employee walked up to us and tried to pull the cart away TWICE and the second time managed to pull it away from him while he was leaning on it. He pulled it away from him even after my boyfriend said he was using it still.

Obviously he was upset at this point and told this employee that it was ridiculous (in other words) what he did. So this employee got mad and snatched Wade's membership card! After we had all of our groceries rung up we had to wait while another employee brought the card back and she told us that the other employee had "found the card on the ground." Which was not true. I was trying to stop the situation from getting worse the whole time, but now that I'm out of Costco I am VERY upset about how we were treated at the store.

I really hope that this employee isn't doing the same thing to elderly customers! My boyfriend has bad knees and this guy didn't care.. What happens when he pulls another customer's cart away and they fall/ get hurt? I did not catch the employees name..

He was probably in his 30s with slicked back/ greased hair. I just hope that someone at least talks to him. That was not a decent way to treat a customer or any person for that matter. I'm not sure if we will ever shop here again because of how we were treated..

That was uncalled for and really disrespectful.

I hate confrontation, so I'm hoping I'm going about this in the right way. Something should be done about the way this employee treats your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why am I getting the feeling you’re the kind of people that just stand there, waiting for somebody else to come along and unload your cart for you, and that your boyfriend was leaning on the cart and not bothering to move up close enough for the employee to easily unload it onto the belt for you? People like that make his job harder and slow the lines down for the rest of us, so don’t be lazy, unload your damn cart as soon as room appears on the belt, and pay attention to the line and the employees so you can be helpful instead of obstructive. It gets us all out of there faster if everybody gets with the program.


That's pretty much how they treated me, not to mention my frail elderly mother. Except much more smug and sarcastic. Why does anyone give them business?

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