Beltsville, Maryland

I went to get my tires checked, was told to drop it off and they would call me when the car is ready. I decided to go to the store and wait for the call.

Half an hour later they called me to come get my car; when I went my car was parked at a different location from where I dropped it off but within the Castco parking lot. The first thing I noticed was the scratches on the bumper. I went inside and told the guy that took my keys, he went and got the person who worked on my car, Chris who was very arrogant and defensive. He started off with "we are not responsible about what happens in our parking lot".

I said I gave you my car keys, you drove and moved my car now I have scratches on the back pumper that were not there when I dropped off the car. I asked to speak to a manager, she took a report and told me someone would contanct me form the main office in few days. The person that called from the office few days later, stated that they are not admitting to any wrong doing or to damaging the car but they would give me a $100 check as a courtesy. I said that is not enough to get my car fixed he said it is their employee's word against mine and there is no evidence that the damage happened in the parking lot therefore there is nothing they can do if I want to take the $100 they will issue me a check.

On top of the damage to my car they accused me of lying.

I am baffled and disappointed at their handling of the situation. They were very defensive and unapologetic; I will Never take my car for any service to castco and will cancle my membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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They are not responsible for what happens in their parking lot.

Since you can't prove it was the employee and not a rouge cart, you don't have a case.

And they still gave you money.

Stop being a disgusting, greedy person and get over yourself.

They did nothing wrong. And still gave you money.


You know that they have shopping carts at Costcos, right? I had my front driver-side turn signal busted by someone's cart while I was shopping.

If the scratches are about an inch apart and all go in the same direction, congratulations! You got hit by a shopping cart. I did that to my own car once at a different store; I stopped late and the underside of the basket slide up on top of my bumper, scratching the paint.

I wouldn't blame Costco - they even offered you a $100 check for damage they couldn't prove happened in their lot.