Toronto, Ontario

On May 9 2013 after for over a week trying to get someone from the Costco Tire Department to answer the phone I finally got through to the Warehouse Service Desk. I was advised that they would attempt to have the someone call me back..."if they were'nt too busy".

I called Costco's central complaint department where they had the local Tire Manager call me back. I was advised that I would have to wait 13 days for the next available appointment. After taking the vehicle initially to my mechanic thinking it was a mechanical issue he advised the tire was defective (Michelin's $1200) with less than 15,000 km's on them. I can only assume I was expected to park the vehicle for this amount of time and/or drive it with the temp spare. When I asked for an earlier time the manager advised me that he had other customers in line. When I asked for the Warehouse Manager I was first told "Frank" was in a meeting and then was advised it was his day off and that there was nobody else available. So I called the central complaint department, again, and the Tire Manager was transferred onto the call. He seemed this time to be very adept at..."showing concern" but at this point I had lost all confidence in the Tire Services.

Fortunately another Warehouse Manager accommodated me with a more reasonable 5 day waiting period which is still unacceptable given the circumstances but understandable.

All this has led me to another solution with the same caveats...go the the 30% less for the the HST on the way back and don't worry about the warranty...apparently you don't get one with Costco either.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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