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I have no complaint against the people at the Tigard Costco hearing aid store. However, several of Costco's sales practices are most irregular. The most important one to me is the delay involved before you come into possession of your hearing aid after completion of the purchase and they have your money. This delay is unnecessary and downright despicable if not illegal.

After you pay for a hearing aid you expect to put it on and leave. Not so. You do not gain possession of the device until the purchase information is first sent far away where one is assembled for you and shipped back to the point of purchase for distribution to the buyer at Costco's pleasure. This may delay possession and use of the hearing aid you have paid for for at least three days and if you get caught by a week end it may be more. You are not informed of this most unusual and inconvenient practice until they have your money in their hands.

They assemble and program a demonstrator hearing aid for the customer to use at the Costco stores, but they will not allow you to use one as a loaner while your order is being handled in some mysterious manner by persons far removed from where you buy your instrument. What sort of nonsense is this?

The removal of a demonstration hearing aid from the point of purchase is prohibited and in order to try one out you must first surrender your car keys, driver's license or some other personal property as collateral. While you are treated with respect during the shopping mode, subsequent to that you are on your own.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

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The hearing aids there are from a separate vendor. The best course of action would be to contact them and see what they can do about their policy, since it is odd.