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Afriend of mine had raved about how great Costco is for years. I never thought to join as it's just me and buying in bulk for one person seemed silly, but she told me you could get great deals on laptops, electronics, etc too so I decided to join because I saw that they had a good sale on a laptop I was looking to purchase.

Now I purchase most everything online, so I figured that it should be a quick and painless transaction and I'd have my laptop in a few days. Well, that's far from the case. I purchased my membership online and then attempted to purchase my laptop. At first everything seemed to be great.

I got an email shortly after the email acknowledging my order that my order had shipped, and I thought, "Wow. They're fast." That thought didn't last long as I received another email a short time later advising that my order had been canceled for he of so helpful vague reason of Unable to Validate the Information Provided. So I contacted Costco to see what that meant. They advised me that they were unable to validate the delivery address of the intended recipient on your order, which I thought that to mean the issue was that my mailing address was different from my shipping address since Costco won't ship to po boxes.

So I changed them to be the same and reordered the laptop. This time, I didn't receive any acknowledgement of the order so I checked on it online and found out that my 2nd order had also been canceled and no reason was given. Once again, I contacted Costco to find out why. This new (I never had the same person answer my issues) person advised me that if I am shipping to an address other than my own, I have to address the shipment to the person that lives there.

Now, I live with a roommate, and it is her house, I'm obviously not on the deed, BUT I STILL LIVE THERE but apparently Costco won't recognize that as my legal residence so they canceled my order AGAIN. This time without even notifying me. SO, I placed my order a 3RD time, had the shipping addressed it to my roommate, the billing addressed to me, and followed all their *** guidelines, AND THEY STILL CANCELED MY FRICKIN ORDER FOR A THIRD TIME ALSO WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME. It shouldn't take a decree from God to place a simple online order.

Even Walmart has it figured out and their customer service sucks. Needless to say, I have no glowing reviews for Costco when I can't even place a simple ONE item online order.

I don't care how much I'll "save," since I can't save anything when they won't let me place an order despite following all their *** rules. Needless to say I canceled my membership (which by the way, they make you go into a store or call them to do), and plan to tell everyone to stay away from this *** company.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Costco Cons: Cannot process simple online order.

  • Costco Sucks
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