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I recently need to buy something from Costco to prepare for my travel home. Since I am not a Costco member, I asked my friend to help me buy the items.

After reconsideration, I decide to return part of the items. My friend is pretty busy during the weekdays, so I grab the recent and head to the customer service alone.

After I stated my purpose and the fact that I am not a member, the staff there turns me down immediately. I argued that I paid with my own card and I have the receipt. Then the guy started to show me the grumpy face and he even said to my face "for all we know, you could have stolen this from somebody else".

I felt a huge insulation at the scene, since I carried the credit card that I used to pay the items. But I still try to argue with him,. When I asked if I can talk to a manager about this issue, the guy start to yell "no exception! you are not a member!", for several times.

I have no way but to leave.

Indeed, I am not a Costco member now, but I have been a member for several years and just terminate it last year due to my move to another state. I also plan to re-state my membership later this year (around Thanksgiving when there is usually discount). I always had a nice impression of Costco, both products and the services. Therefore, I felt disappointed about the attitude the staff have to a non-but-potential member in the future.

I can understand that they were unable to process the return due to policy reason (although I do know some people succeeded returning as a non-member), but I can not tolerate such attitude. It is a shame to the Costco service standard and now I probably will never become a member again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It sounds like you are from a different country. Some individuals discriminate.

It sounds like you got one of those types. Management should not allow such behavior.


Not a member equals not a member. Good riddance.