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I'd like to share my recent trip to costco. I am 17 and live with my family (still in high school).

My mother sent me to go get some groceries after work, and armed with her membership card I went to go get the week's necessity's as well as ingredients for that night's dinner. So I made my way around the store, and as anyone who shops at Costco would know this is no quick trip. About 45 minutes later, a full cart, and a hungry 8 year old brother we head into line. The cashier lady asks for my card.

I give it to her. "This isn't your card" she accuses when she see's my mother's mug shot, excuse me, picture and I hurriedly explain it is my mother's and I live with her and that I am 17, I'm not a friend trying to get by without paying for a membership, not even a family member not living with her. She immediately shuts down and says "Oh well than I am sorry but for legal reasons we can't sell to you because you are under 18." and she has the man packing up the grocery's (the same one's I painstakingly found over the course of 45 minutes going through crowded aisle after aisle making sure to get every item on my mom's list.) start to wheel away my card. So I say "fine, can I get them just this once, we need this food to finish making tonight's dinner and I will bring her with me next time" but I already know that she is going to refuse so there is nothing I can do but duck my head from being so humiliated and rush out of there with my brother.

Of course I am forced to wait in the long line to have my "items" checked and after short of being frisked I explain I didn't make any purchases and therefore do not have a receipt I gather up my pride and leave.

Of course after this I still need food for dinner so I stop by the local grocery store and repeat my earlier trip, beyond pissed that I am able to go to work every day, drive, and yet I am "under the legal age to purchase grocery's." Sorry for the rant, but the way Costco treats it's PAYING customer's is beyond frustrating, and I had to voice this. Still they get business because of their (sometimes) cheap prices and ability to buy in bulk...

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I had the same problem


Costco needs to revise this and use common sense. They will lose the future card holders.

I’m with you. It happened to my very responsible teen as well.


The same thing happened to me. I am also 17 with two little sisters.

Our mom is in the military and was at drill for the weekend and my dad was deployed to Afgahnistan. She left me her membership card so I could get stuff to make dinner with. I got all my items with my two little sisters with me and waited in line. When I got up there she asked for the membership card so I handed it to her.

She looked at the picture on the back and asked if it was me. I told her no and that it was my mom so she asked for my ID. She looked at me and said that since I was only 17 I wasn't allowed to be in the store without an adult present. I explained to her that my mom was in the military and was gone for the weekend and my dad was deployed.

She said that it didn't matter and she could not sell an of the items to me. I was trying to buy stuff for dinner not something illegal. It was the most absurd thing I had ever heard.

I wasn't aware that I had to be 18 to purchase groceries. It was the most annoying thing I had ever experienced.


I agree. If you have the money to pay for the groceries, you should be able to purchase them.

I never knew you had to be 18 to buy things until this evening when a girl in front of me tried to buy cookies with her parent's card and was refused. I told her I could buy them and she could just pay me for them but the cashier said they wouldn't allow it.

This is absolutely the first time I ever heard of this at Costco. Wow!


I hope Costco and the liberal Democrat fools that run {{redacted}}


The same thing happened to me! I was trying to buy some snacks for college and the cashier threw a pissy fit.

I've gone to Costco using my moms costco card plentiful of times for groceries and gas with no problem, but this cashier just wouldn't have it.

All I had in my cart was a box of ramen, milk, bread, & peanut butter. It was so embarrassing when she and another worker lectured me about using her card in front of a long line of customers.


I'm the mother of twin 17 year olds, a 3 year old, and a husband who is deployed on the othe side of the planet. I'm ok that I can't let them literally use my card.

But I have yet to see any legal, safety, or economic reason I can't obtain a card for my 17 yr olds to do household shopping and fill up the car. But you know what? I can't. They won't issue a card to my kids.

This isn't about being mad about them enforcing the policy.

This is about a policy that is not family friendly. I was extremely disappointed, as I've always found Costco to be a great company.


That is utterly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard


I don't have to be 18 to shop at Walmart or Target or basically any other store, why Costco! We pay a membership and we are paying customers.

Costco definitely needs to revisit policy. I can drive but can't buy bread..?


I think Costco better revisit their policies. I was considering obtaining a membership card since I am ill and would send my 17 yr old to make purchases.

But after reading your experience I will continue shopping at my local grocery store. So, as I see it Costco has no regards towards people that are ill who need support from family members in order to eat and live!

Just remember who keeps their doors open? They need us more than we do them!!!


At Costco now, and I had the same problem! I'm 17, and my friends and I went here to get snacks for movie night for our fundraiser for the Eliminate Project.

I showed the guy my dad's card, and he let us in. We spent half an hour to 45 minutes shopping just to get in line and be told no. Why? Because I'm not 17 and my dad isn't here.

Seriously? At least let me buy my stuff.

I just wasted my time shopping just to be rejected. I have a dislike for Costco now.


Hopefully when you're 18, you're learn to adult


The same thing happened to my son. And they took the card from him.

When I went to retrieve my card they told me that they did not have it, because they do not take cards from customers.

After about an hour they found it, and the only explanation I received, was a confused face on the clerk telling me that they don't keep cards when they have issues like that.

Somebody needs to talk to COSTCO.


I completely agree this is ridiculous! I went to get my son a card when he started driving so he could help out the family

The customer service would not let me get him a card as he isn't 18!!

He lives with me and is part of our family yet he can't use my PAID membership to help me out!!!!

Get with the program Costco, good kids contributing to the family chores should not be shunned!!!!!! And we pay to come to you.

Costco Corporate should be chastised for such anti-family policies!!


You are not the member. If you aren't the member, you don't get to do things that only the members get to do.

Read the rules and conditions of your mother's membership and stop whining about what you screwed up on.


I am ashamed of you too for telling her to stop whining as it’s HER MOM’S CARD AND SHE HAD A PERMISSION TO USE IT and was refused to. They are paying the membership to be used by the WHOLE FAMILY and she’s just HELPING OUT BECAUSE SHE’S A GREAT EXAMPLE TO OTHERS. Unlike people who doesn’t even help to do chores smh


Per Costco's website and "Member Privileges & Conditions" on their website:


Members are welcome to bring their children and up to two guests into the warehouse, however, only Costco members may purchase items.

And I do understand where you are coming from, and I understand the venting. However, on any one day (per location) Costco looses thousands of dollars a day on theft.

And it does not matter if you are the child, spouse, or partner of the member - it is all or nothing. It is not fair to the PAYING members that Costco has. 90% of their income is from their memberships. The highest mark up is 15%, all the rest is membership fees.

You are a MINOR using a NON-TRANSFERALBE membership card, be angry at your mother for telling you it was okay that you do it. Not Costco.


You guys are idiots!!!


Read the front of the card..... non transferable, does it need to light up for you? And you do have to be 18 to shop because it's a membership warehouse


This site is funny. All I can say is most complaints here are issues that could be avoided.

How? By a card holder paying attention to the rules of their membership. Don't blame the cashier for implementing the rules, blame whoever sent you to shop on a card with their picture on it.

If you don't get it, then try handing a police man your mom's licence when he pulls you over, tell him you don't have one yourself, but your mom needed something from the store and gave you hers so you could drive to get it for her. Does that sound OK to you also?

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