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For the 3rd time in the last 2 months, I purchased a bag of Kirkland brand dry cat food and found when I got home and opened it that the bag was only 3/4 full.

I've been buying this product for many years, and while the price has increased, they haven't started decreasing the amount yet (like they've done several times with the paper plates). The weight listed on the bag is still 25 lbs.

I called the main office who transferred me to customer service. The woman in customer service said she would "leave my feedback". I told her that wasn't good enough, and asked her what I should do the next time I get another under-filled bag, leave more feedback? What were they going to do about it? She had no answer for me (in other words--NOTHING), and told me to call the regional office. She then gave me the number to the San Diego office (100 miles away), even though I told her the stores I shop at are in the Los Angeles area. I called them anyway, and of course, after pushing buttons and waiting forever on hold, a recording came on and told me how important my call is and said to leave my name and number.

This on top of the horrible shopping experience that Costco always is, i.e., nightmare parking lot, crowded aisles, long waits at the check stands, NO customer service whatsoever, them constantly moving things around and having NO ONE out on the floor who is able or willing to tell where the stuff was moved to, and the sneaky practice of increasing prices while cutting down on weight/quantity of certain items. Having seen the latter with several of the items I (used to) buy, I'm not so certain the random under-filled bags of cat food aren't deliberate.

Reason of review: Under-filled bags of cat food AND poor customer service..

Preferred solution: Reimburse me the missing food from the 3 under-filled bags that I paid full-price for (I'd settle for 1 bag as reimbursement) and see to it that it doesn't happen again..

Costco Cons: See my review.

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You could just return all the under filled bag for a full refund. And never shop at this "horrible" place.

as a customer service clerk I can assure u that only way to solve an issue is to leave feedback and that's what the lady on the phone told you.

More than saying a sorry what else would u expect from her? Costco is a company that will take back even empty bags of products if you as a customer was not satisfied.

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