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My review was filtered and removed yesterday. So I am posting again now. I assure you that this is a legitimate review containing true events that I experienced at the particular Costco store.

We have been Costco members for over 10 years and we were always impressed with their selection of merchandise and customer services, until recently. There were two other incidents that proved the quality of their customer services have been declining rapidly, but I am just going to describe what happened today. This afternoon around 4 p.m., my husband and I went to this particular store to pick up the usual items. We go there every week, and just pick up some fresh salad and fruits, and we almost never buy more than 10 item at any one time. Anyway, we had our usual items today and were waiting at the check out line. About 1 minute before it was our turn, my husband went to the food court to buy some soft drink. He left his membership card on the counter and I was there to pay. The cashier, Natalie D., according to my sales receipt, rang me up with no greeting or smile, and when I was paying with my debit card, she had the following conversation with me:

Natalie: You know that you cannot use your "buddy's" membership card to buy here, right?

Me: What?! Oh, he is my husband.

Natalie: But do you have your own card?

Me: [Shocked by her stupidity from the beginning] Yes....

Natalie: Oh, here he is [as she saw my husband walking back].

Then she just finished with the transaction and without any apology. I was pretty shocked at how unprofessional she was. First, my husband left his card on the counter less than two minutes before she rang me up, how unattentive she must be not seeing him in front of her? Second, if she believed me that it was my husband, how unlikely that would be that my husband did not add my name to the membership? Third, the overall experience just gave me the feeling that Costco is doing ME a favorite when they "allowed" me to buy there. Well, they might believe that for whatever reason, but the fact is that every customer is doing THEM a favorite by shopping there. She is just so wrong to think that without the customers she would not have a job there! It is especially bad for this particular store, because I think most of the customers here will expect above average customer services. It was probably my bad to expect Costco to provide customer services that are comparable to those provided by Nordstrom, but I at least have the right to be treated right. I found it unacceptable to have such poor customer services as provided by Natalie today. I thought about complaining to Costco. But after looking at all the customer complaints online, I don't think they will care, and I have decided to cancel my membership, along with our cars and home owner insurance with them. Never want anything to do with Costco again.

In addition: I posted this on but my post was removed today by filter. I tried posting it there again but it was again filtered out. Looks like they try to remove negative reviews of some business, although the review is true....

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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Maybe the cashier thought you were too ugly to be married, after all beauty is more than skin deep.


Get a life. Maybe the cashier was having a bad day.

You have your own card. When your husband walked away you should have gotten your card out. Was the cashier supposed to bow at your feet for not assuming you were married to the guy who was in such a hurry to stuff his fat face with a cheap hot dog that he couldn't wait 2 minutes was your husband?

Then again maybe you don't have your own card.

Your husband probably gave it to his lover. Thats the woman he goes to to get away from your nagging ***!


My husband and I have our own cards. If we didn't we couldn't use just one. Maybe your husband did not add your name because if he did, you would have a card with your name on it.


real adults don't use the phrase "my bad"

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