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I understand as of today Costco no longer excepts American Express Cards, just Visa. I have been a very happy American Express Card holder for 30 + years.

My thoughts are, "Bad Move" on their part. Costco may save a percent or two on American Express fees but at a cost of consumer business. I for one will not be a loyal Costco customer anymore and they can save that small percentage on a lot of nothing.

There are other wearehouse club stores that are very interested in my business and except American Express Cards. So in response to Costco's unwanted American Express Card choice, Goodbye Costco and hello SAMs Club.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Accepted Credit cards. .

Preferred solution: Except my personal American Express Card. .

Costco Pros: This is the only time i have been disappointed.

Costco Cons: I have no dislikes.

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Goodbye to the extraordinary customer service of Costco too! I'm glad that shoppers like you won't be shopping at Costco anymore.

I don't care what credit card Costco accepts...I KNOW they have my best interest. No merchant likes Amex. The new Citibank Visa we have now is even more rewarding than the *** Amex. Can't wait until you have to dispute a charge on your wonderful Amex.

Their customer service is TERRIBLE and no of their agents will tell you the same thing. My membership at Costco isn't based on their credit card. It's how they treat me and the fact that they prove time and time again that they DO have my best interest.

Goodbye to flaky shoppers like you who deserve Walmart/SAMs Club.


A percent (not two) of their charge card business would amount to millions (figure for yourself). They will be better off even if hundreds of thousands of people like you move on. Goodbye