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I have reviewed several of the complaints and the thing that jumped out at me was comments by "anonymous" constantly defending Costco. Hmmm sounds like a Costco plant to me.

I have generally had good experiences with Costco but there have been exceptions, especially at the return desks at the Clackamas, OR or NE Portland stores this can be a hit and miss experience. I did write the Board of Directors about my experience but they didn't have the courtesy to respond.

i realize with any large corporation it can be difficult to have perfect customer service, but it would seem that management would have their friendliest and most personable employees at the customer service and return desks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am not a Costco plant, but have been a Member since the early 1990's and have been to over one hundred locations, including both of those you mentioned. I have never had a problem, but see nasty "customers" all the time.

A bad attitude is a sure way to get what you want. NOT


Once again an American citizen refuses to use their brain. It DEFAULTS to anonymous when you don’t put in a name.

Is it so hard to believe that other have positive experiences?

It sounds like you are just bitter and angry. Maybe get help for that.