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I am so mad that a Costco rep just hang up my call after waiting for 20 min.I called to see what the status of my order now after I received a email from Costco that the payment was declined yesterday, but he said my order is still on hold. I told him that I already gave the new credit card information to your rep on the phone and replied the email that I already updated my account yesterday.

So they can process the payment.But he said my order is on hold and can't do anything. The order must be cancelled, and replace a new order but can't get the same deal. Also he said he is going to check the stock, then he said there is no stock to ship to me, even I place a new order.But I said I already checked the status from my account. The TV was already shipped from Ontario, and scheduled to delivery on Wednesday Jan 30.

But he said there is no such shipment for my order. The order must be cancelled. Nothing can do.But I said it is not fair to me. This is not my fault.

I am waiting for my TV a month.Then I said can I talk to your manager, then he hang up the call right away. He is very impolite and so rude!I just want to fix the problem to get my TV!It is very ridiculous to cancel my order after waiting 1 month.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1044.

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When I needed help in Costco, I cannot find any staff except cashiers. Everytime I go there, I always see same stuff again and again which are over priced.

Without good customer service and competative price, Costco shall fall very soon.

I already decided not to renew my membership anymore. I can get better price and smaller portions from other retail grocery stores easily.