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I spent an hour working on my resume and then another 30 minutes working on the application for Costco in Arvada, CO. I was told by a cashier that I should apply and that they may be hiring.

She told me that after applying I should call and talk to someone about my application so that's what I did. When I called a woman answered and I told her I applied and she said to hang on and she put me on hold... OR SO SHE THOUGHT. I'm still on the phone listening to her talk to her coworker about something else that they were in the middle of.

It sounded work related and since my call probably interrupted them, I was understanding. Then there was a lot of moving around like she was carrying the phone around or something I don't really know but after that she started mentioning how someone on the phone was asking if they're hiring and that some cashier told me to call after applying and "are we hiring or not?". Now before you call me a sensitive sally.... it was how she was saying it.

VERY RUDELY as if I was a huge inconvenience to them and that it was dumb of the cashier to have told me that. It was all huff and puffy like "ugghh what a drag this person wants to apply here" and then when she answered the phone she said they weren't currently hiring and so I asked if I could leave my name and number for if anything opens up and she said no that they weren't hiring. I said thank you and she said goodbye and hung up. I just think that this whole finding jobs on the internet thing is hard enough and I spend so much time and energy practically working a part time job to call and get some snotty attitude like I'm not worth their time.

This is not the first time I've seen or been on the receiving end of this kind of attitude and I'm sick of it. So to all the managers or whoever takes those calls... please try to think about how hard that person probably worked and how nervous they probably are to call and ask if you have something that would mean a lot to them.

You've been there once too and if you haven't.... well then I'm sorry you don't know how to be polite to people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe you should understand a little bit about a retail job before you apply for one. In most stores a manager no longer sits in an office.

They have a phone on one hip, a radio on another and are out on the sales floor working with employees and customers. Your call may not be the first thing in line. They were probably finishing a discussion your call interrupted and the shuffling you hear was them moving on to another area to check on what openings were available. A retail store often takes in 20 or more applications for each open position.

The applications are reviewed and the people that look like the best fit for the position will be called in for an interview. A lot of things go into that selection. They will look at the hours you are willing to work to see if they fit the schedule they have open. If you are asking $25 an hour for a $10 an hour job, don't expect a call.

They will also look at your work history.

You can bet they aren't looking for someone that jumps jobs every 2 or 3 months. Yes you may spend a lot of time filling out applications...just keep in mind managers spend a lot of time hiring people and can only spend time talking to the few applicants that really fit their needs.