Springfield, Virginia

I was waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. I had been at a local Mcdonald's using my lap top.

I have never been in a Costco before, i was wearing a back pack which had my laptop inside. I browsed around the store i was looking at some electronics.Costco employees followed me around the store the entire time i was there. As im leaving out they ask to search my bag, they see my laptop. they instantly assume I stole a laptop.

i had to get my girlfriend to come over. she told them had they done their job in the first place and checked my bag before i came in they would not have this problem. after she threaten them that this was grounds for a lawsuit they quickly backed away from further accusations.

Its impossible to steal a display laptop from there, they are all hooked up to alarms and they keep all their electronic items in a merchandise room. Clearly this is was pure racial profiling.

  • following blacks around the store
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Sounds like you're just a tool that is part of today's problem!


How did you get in if you are not a member? I have to show my membership card to enter the store. Oh wait, maybe I'm the one being racially profiled all these years and never realized it!


First off, you're a non-member in a private warehouse. Secondly, since they are private club, it is their policy that all handbags, backpacks, bags, etc.

are subject to search upon request (it says soon the big *** sign in front of the exit), Thirdly, can you really blame them if they feel someone with a backpack in their electronics section is looking all shady? Clearly, you're a very reasonable person to assume such a logical conclusion, as to assume they were profiling solely on race/ ethnicity.

I hope you and your McDonalds girlfriend never breed, and your genes never pass down to the next unfortunate brood you spawn. Eugenics, my friend, will do the world wonders ;)


That's it, play the race card, no matter what race you are. There is more to the story than you are telling. For one thing, they would have been able to tell the difference between a used laptop and one that had just been put in your backpack, from one of their shelves.