I purchased defective tires from Costco, check CA law on warranties, and realized Costco warranty policy on tires is not within the confounds of the law. I was able to receive a complete refund on my tires at Costco and this is why I will still shop there and gave it 3 stars.

To: Costco Corporate Office Headquarters

999 Lake Drive

Issaquah, WA 98027 USA

RE: Costco Tires for 1987 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (1st Attempt)

Dear Costco Corporate Headquarters,

It is with immense concern that I am writing you. Our family business has been a member of Costco since before I can remember, and we have always purchased tires through your company. We have continuously been impressed with your service and the products provided. In fact, I have personally written to local Costco stores regarding certain employees who have provided above-and-beyond service in our exchanges.


I purchased four tires for my 1987 Cadillac a little over 2 years ago. Last month, I had a nail in a tire which a colleague discussed could have been repaired. Since I cannot and have not ever had another company work on my tires to avoid warranty agreement, I had to rely on Costco employees to make the determination that the tire needed to be replaced. This was last month. My concern was that the new tire would have more tread than the remaining three, thereby causing my other tires to wear faster due to uneven tread ware.

Today I found three tires have a slight leak due to cracking on the walls. The tire center closest to my home closed their tire center, and I now have to drive further to another Costco following my original purchase leading to more expenses in gas. When I took my car to Costco, they informed me three remaining tires need replacement. This entails a 50% expense on my end since the tires were driven 40,000 miles (50% of my 80,000 mile warranty). In addition, within a month, the tires were not longer in stock.

My only option is to purchase tires from a third party, the drive the remaining four tires back to Costco. The only possible way is to either take multiple trips, or transport the tires on my leather seats. This will mean I have to drive to Costco for the diagnosis, then research a provider for new tires, then drive to the provider, wait for replacement, pack the old tires in my two-door car, then drive the old tires back to the Costco finally returning home.

The gas expenses associate with this transaction is large due to high gas prices; in addition to the time this has taken from a workweek in order to replace tires under warranty. I will incur an expense prior to anticipation of a secure product exchange, and will incur excess ware on the fourth tire due to uneven tread ware.

When I purchase tires from a company, especially one as prominent as Costco, I expect the product to survive past warranty. I also expect Costco to act "in good faith" to replace tires that are defective with little or no hassle to me as a consumer. I can only pray you take this endeavor very serious and find a mutually agreed alternative to the current situation as soon as possible. I fear driving on defective tires may lead to issues, or worse case scenario, failure of product.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this issue.

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So it sounds like you had to replace a tire, and Costco does not carry the tires for your car. You are destined to go somewhere else to buy tires, but you said yourself that you would have to come back to get the warranty.

They can't give you a warranty without taking the tires back which at the point would be impossible. It happens


Companies stop making certain tires. It happens. Stop driving a clunker and maybe it won't happen. Same applies to you *** about gas prices.

Also, tires have a warranty for an expected lifetime given average use and wear on a maintained vehicle that has regular balances and alignments. Your beat *** clunker probably was so messed up it screwed your tires because you don't maintain your vehicle. Be happy they at least would give you money for that useless garbage.

Also calling *** on the fact that they only sold you one tire because I've been told or heard on multiple occasions that they, by policy, cannot sell and install a single tire on any vehicle as it would cause unsafe driving conditions UNLESS the other tires were in like-new condition.

Quit *** and deal with it. Life sucks, move on. Not their fault.

to Get Over It Beverly Hills, California, United States #668707

@Get Over It, it's obvious that life sucks for you but some people are actually happy in life. I hope some day you find a way to improve yourself rather than seek out opportunity to express your anger to a random person over a blog post.

Start thinking in a positive way and be thankful we as consumers have an American right to express our opinion about a product.

Stick to your views of the product and you will be a better person in life and hopefully have a chance to change your views for the better of us all.

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