I have been a member since 1985, over the years I supplied Costco cards to all my employees, yesterday I collected them all and cut them all up and I will never shop there again. What is amazing is, almost all my employees offered the cards back before I asked for them.

The lengths that the left will lower itself in an attempt to silence conservatives is obscene and pulling a book or movie just because the author is a conservative and the CEO of Costco kisses obama's butt.....that's enough for me.

Costco, I hope your business nose dives into the dirt, where you live with obama.

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Enough with that d*mn book already you fool. Why would they have sold it anyways if it was politically driven?

I'm as conservative as they come, but you inbred hicks embarrass me by failing to see the big picture in anything. It was a strategic business decision, Costco isn't your own little private book botique.

And just because Sinegal approves of raising the min wage, which I'm assuming you mean when you say they kiss Nobama's a$$ doesn't make it the end of the world. They're the largest wholesale distributor in the world so they must be doing something right, unlike you you useless, impractical fool

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #844770

Good to know that you hate big businesses that actually pay their employee's a LIVING WAGE. You greedy worthless *** republican, that's all you are.

I bet you support Wal-Mart don't you? You just love knowing those employees don't even make enough to support themselves don't you?

Can't wait until the GOP/Tea Party is gone within 20 years, then this country can finally PROGRESS.


Why don't you go kiss Bush's *** you republican ***.


Shop at Sams and Walmart...they pay their employees SO well! That's anti American.


You are an ***.

There are no words.

Look up the actual profit numbers and the fact that Costco had already ordered in the movie.

Bigoted ideas who just follow Fox News like sheep don't deserve to have access to high quality items.

Go shop at Sam's with the other idiots who support child labor, sweat shops and forcing employees to be on welfare to eat.

Good to know that you are morally okay with that, you despicable ***.

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