South San Francisco, California
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Why don't the Costcos in South San Francisco, California sell Red Vines anymore? Where did they go?

Are you planning on selling them again? When are they going to be out in stores again? Why did you guys stop? Do other Costcos sell Red Vines?

Please bring back our Red Vines, they are the best licorice ever, and if my favorite store, Costco, doesn't sell them anymore, now where am I supposed to buy "the bomb" licorice for an excellent price? Plus, Costco gives an superior price for a generous amount of Red Vines.

Please bring our Red Vines back. Thank you.

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Bring red vines back to Costa, Washington Blvd L.A.


You need to leave a comment in the suggestion box at your local warehouse for this complaint to be read by an official costco buyer


You really do need to get a life! :grin :grin :sigh :sigh :sigh


Excuse me?!!? Yeah, well u really need to get a better one!!

No one talks to me like THAT.



Yea I agree. Bring them back to the stores