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Costco's big claim to fame to their customers is buy buy buy and save save save. Well depending on the member ship level purchased, you will receive a particular percentage of money back depending on how much money was spent the previous year.

My advice to all is to do yourselves a huge favor and never misplace your check because replacing it is not going to be easy. I have called and spoke with over 15 Costco employee's. After being left on hold for over 30 minute periods, on more than one occassion, I was informed I was going to be transferred to another department. This went on for over an hour.

Finally I was able to speak to the reasponsible party and I was assurred a check was being mailed out. This has been going on now since July. It is now the later part of October. Various excuses have been givin to me none more than the check was mailed three days ago.

I have heard that four times now and every time I inform the employee of my situation I am told Im sorry I am just telling you what my computer says so if your check has not reached you by next week please give us a call. No one there seems to really care. I have called the "Corporate Office" thinking ok I will finally get some where I mean this could not be that hard. These people deal with millions and billions worth of money and products but yes still no check.

I am treated as if I am an annoying nobody wanting my measly $74.00 back. I have never been treated so disrespecfully and felt as if I was just being told what I wanted to hear so they could get me off the phone and maybe next time I called someone else would have to deal with me. I use to really like Costo but now that I have seen the way it is really being managed I would prefer Sams Club over Costco hands down. A similar situation took place when I was a member with Sam's and I had the best care.

My service was timely, professional, and the staff did so respecfully. Folks if you are in an area where you have a choice I would reccommend Sam's Club over Costco. They appear about the same in all other aspects superficially but if things go astray you don't want to have to go through all of this. I have given up much of my time, used up many of my cellular minutes, ( I have unlimited minutes but they don't know that and many people do not) and not to mention Im still not done.

Nothing has been resolved yet so who knows if and when this will be done. I hope this helps those of you out there to not have to go through all of this hassle. I did not expect this type of treatment from Costco.

Good Luck, T. Rowland

Monetary Loss: $74.

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You losing your check is not Costco's fault.

It's yours.

Have some personal responsibility.


Same story all over my area. Post office gets all my statement to my house except rebate.. hmmmmmm


You misplaced your rebate check. Costco did not lose it. You did. Own that.

Now, as SR stated there is a waiting period. If you got your check issued in July, they can't request it until August. From there it takes up to 6 weeks to issue another ASSUMING that the request is sent immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to send off the forms (not a complicated process I'm sure, but probably time consuming).

At the warehouse level, they have no control on when or if a duplicate check is reissued. It is entirely up to the corporate office that issues the checks.

Cry some more because YOU lost YOUR rebate.


It's too bad you're experiencing this. The service I usually receive is much better.

If I recall correctly, there is a waiting period on missed checks because a check is almost like cash. If you lose it then they send you a refund , then someone comes in to cash the check later, then Costco is out the money, which translates to other members having to make up the difference.

Seems like a good policy to let time go by. Sorry you misplaced your check.