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I recently visited a nearby Costco with a friend and when we got to the cash register we asked for a sub total as my friend (also a member) had forgotten her card so we used mine... she gave me her cash for her portion and i wanted to put my portion on my credit card, I gave her money to the cashier and handed her my credit card for the balance, she refused the cash because she said that I, being the member had to pay for the bill in full....really???

what's the difference ?

I was paying some cash and some on my credit card...why should i put extra on my credit card when i had some cash in my hands????

Very upset about this !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

  • Costco Complaint
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You want the cashier to understand ur situation that u have cash to pay with and rest on ur card, how the cashier sees it that your frnd with no membership ( which we know she does cuz she forgot her card at home but a lot of people make up that excuse to allow their friends to shop on their card) is handing u cash for her portion and u are passing that to the cashier. So technically u are not paying for your non member friend.

I hope u see the cashier's perspective.

Both you and your member friend are paying patrons of costco and by allowing non members to not pay we are just protecting your right to shop at costco and keep your membership fees low.

The more people sign up the lower costco gets to keep the prices for everyone. And imagine how busy costco, it's because in any given day people being their uncles, aunts, best frnd, ex wife, neighbour everyone to shop At costco and most of these people don't have a membership at costco and costco just looks really busy to its regular members.