My wife and I take our disabled son shopping at Costco, he buys food on his EBT (food stamp) card.We were advised today that because HE is not a member they will no longer accept his EBT card. He lives on Social Security and has no way to afford a membership.

We went to Walmart and spent over $100.00.

I am begining to wonder why I am paying $110.00 a year for a membership and I am finding myself at Walmart more and more, buying things I used to get at Costco.

IE: Cottage Cheese Butter spread, Chaboni is same price and better selection...

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have the same type of thing and I wish more places would let you use it because I am also on SSI and get a food stamps card and if I could use it at Costco with my parents that would be great but I can't afford a damn $70 membership!

to Sarah #1537198

Give your card to your parents to make the purchase. I have don’t it for my dad on SSI. He gave me his pin and Done!

Oakland, California, United States #1261703

Once a month I go to Costco with my daughter and use my ebt card. I'm over 60 and do work part time.

I'm always allowed to purchase using her card. I buy chicken and pork chops in bulk.

It really helps with my budget. Thank you Costco.


Easy. You have the membership, your son does not.

Take your son shopping where he can use his EBT card, or get him a membership. You do not get to get around a contractual obligation by using your son's disability as an excuse.

to LadyScot Sylmar, California, United States #1135431

How in the *** can her son get and/or PAY FOR a COSTCO card when he is on EBT (Poor)! They should put HIM on her card. Costco is ***

to FAIRNESSMAN San Leandro, California, United States #1196739

You can add a member to a card for free. If she had any brains she would do that.

to LadyScot #1499974

You're an ugly and rude human being ugh I hate people like you. It's called common courtesy. It's not going to hurt Costco if they let them use their membership to help their son.

to Fedup #1526450

Get him his own membership - problem solved. It's a membership only club. It's clearly stated in the rules.

to JellyDoll #1526491

Yes and we all know that you must "follow the rules". Nevermind the negative consequences! We must all "Follow the rules".

to Anonymous #1526755

You must have a terrible crush on me to keep following me all around this site. ;)

to Fedup #1532598

And if they let everyone do that. It adds up.


I work at Costco and the only reason they would tell you they won't accept his card is because we are constantly pushed to get more memberships. Another small reason could be if they were having an internal audit .

They strive to give a good customer experience but when the site is audited and membership names don't match the payment method things get messy and were pushed to get a membership out of the cardholder who's making the purchases on someone else's membership. I don't think it's personal. Costco is a membership club and they want everyone to have a membership. It would be like going to the gym with a friend, they'll let you use your friends membership a couple times and then they will push you to get your own.

I honestly don't think $55 a year is all that much. I recently gave birth to a child and he has a few health issues so I haven't been able to go back to work. I just got an EBT card today for the first time in my life. I have work since I was 15 and I am 35 years old.

I do not feel guilty at all about getting help with groceries until I can go back to work. For all of those who care the nice car I drive is already paid off, it would cost me more to get a flip phone vs my fancy phone I already have at this point and I don't think there's anything wrong with buying protein powder. I drink 2 protein shakes a day versus eating regular food. When I was younger I used to think that using the system was some bad, evil thing especially because I was raised with a little bit more money than most people.

Now that I have a new infants who is sick I'm understanding that I fallen on hard times that doesn't mean I'll stay on the system or abused it I just need a little bit of help until I can get back to work at Costco. People should be a little bit more cautious about what they say because karma is real and it does come around even if it won't be a financial hardship.

to Anonymous #1381365

Where is your husband?

to Jan #1412658

gross. you are gross.

to Jan #1444306

Where is his wife you mean...


Ok for one i hate that i heard about *** on here talking *** about disabled people. I am a disabled woman and would love to go to work but my disability keeps me from that.....why you ask?

well lets just say unless people wanna die i would rather not work.

I have PTSD and for you idiots that dont know what it is....LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE! i dont appreciate people bashing on others like myself and if this continues i will have you found out and reported. Bill: im sorry to hear about what happened t your son not being able to shop at costco's.

i would be uppset to if i was in that situation. Again if your gonna hate Karma will find you!

to Anonymous #1124555

I don't see how PTSD can prevent you from having a job. They cannot do anything for those bashing the son because they are not breaking the rules or any laws.

Just because telling the truth hurts your feelings does not mean they are doing anything wrong. I notice a lot of these people who are too disabled to work are not too disabled to go out and party or shop on their own.

to Anonymous #1234907

Ptsd, from combat or abuse, can be a danger to others. Imagine you are helping a customer and someone drops something it makes a loud boom sound...

your mind goes into ptsd mode and you suddenly realize you are choking the customer after people finally snap you out of it. Would you want to be helped by a person with this disability knowing you could be killed unbeknownst to them?

to Anonymous Sylmar, California, United States #1135434

Right ON A :) I am disabled too!


First of all, a basic membership at Costco is only $55. $110 is for an executive membership where you earn cash back on your purchases.

Second of all, each membership gets two cards so why

not just add your son as the second person on your account? I know this posting is really old, but just in case someone else in the same or similar situation comes across this...

Also with regards to Costco, they pay their employees far better than Wal-Mart and are a better company in just about every way possible.

I do not work there, but know several people who do and I often encourage my Wal-mart and Target working friends to find work at Costco.

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