Livonia, Michigan

My wife and I take our disabled son shopping at Costco, he buys food on his EBT (food stamp) card.We were advised today that because HE is not a member they will no longer accept his EBT card. He lives on Social Security and has no way to afford a membership.

We went to Walmart and spent over $100.00.

I am begining to wonder why I am paying $110.00 a year for a membership and I am finding myself at Walmart more and more, buying things I used to get at Costco.

IE: Cottage Cheese Butter spread, Chaboni is same price and better selection...

Monetary Loss: $100.

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buy him a membership


Costco is for members only. It is not discriminating your son or other disabled people.

It’s their policy. follow it


wake up costco!!! sad to hear this. try amazon, you get a discount with EBT $6/MO and they deliver as well as all the other prime benefits


Many times I can't even get out to go shopping for myself. A friend of mine is close to Costco & said she would make a trip there for me.

Just like other friends/family would go wherever they were close & take my snap card & my list of things I needed & do the shopping for me. Sometimes if I know for sure there is some sort of mobile device & I am able I'll go but most of the time I can't even do that so I've been fortunate with these kinds of amazing people in my life. I obviously don't have a Costco card, if I did, I would probably not need the SNAP assistance. If my friend ended up doing all this shopping for me (with or without me there) & they decided not to honor my card, there would be a VERY big issue!

They are still getting paid, it doesn't matter who is paying them & it would be the same thing if 2 people walked in & separated their orders but put it on only one person's membership...that has been done more times than I can imagine!

I used to do the huge promotions there a LOT of years ago & Costco used to care a lot about their workers & everyone that walked into their store. I'll keep praying that is still the same & again...IF my dear friend ends up trying to do an amazing favor for me one way or another, I'll keep positive thoughts that things have not changed.


check into amazon prime; you get prime for only $6/mo they take ebt and you get it delivered to you


You can add your son to the membership if you live at the same address otherwise when checking out You just use his EBT card. OR when Groupon has their 20 dollar special get him his own membership.


I have the same type of thing and I wish more places would let you use it because I am also on SSI and get a food stamps card and if I could use it at Costco with my parents that would be great but I can't afford a damn $70 membership!


Give your card to your parents to make the purchase. I have don’t it for my dad on SSI. He gave me his pin and Done!


They are 60 but if you look online and get a Groupon when they do the Promo they are only 20 bucks and u get a few coupons. Very worth it.


Once a month I go to Costco with my daughter and use my ebt card. I'm over 60 and do work part time.

I'm always allowed to purchase using her card. I buy chicken and pork chops in bulk.

It really helps with my budget. Thank you Costco.


Easy. You have the membership, your son does not.

Take your son shopping where he can use his EBT card, or get him a membership. You do not get to get around a contractual obligation by using your son's disability as an excuse.


How in the *** can her son get and/or PAY FOR a COSTCO card when he is on EBT (Poor)! They should put HIM on her card. Costco is ***


You can add a member to a card for free. If she had any brains she would do that.


Costco has rules they have to follow, they can add him if he lives with them or they could by him a membership when Groupon has them for 20 dollars. You will more then make up the price diffrence.

How do you think Coscto pays their employees?

Through memberships of course they pay well and keep prices low for members by wholesale. By no means is Costco a discriminatory place you can use your EBT some employees have ebt because they are disabled and only can work very limted hours or they are retired and on SS.


You're an ugly and rude human being ugh I hate people like you. It's called common courtesy. It's not going to hurt Costco if they let them use their membership to help their son.


Get him his own membership - problem solved. It's a membership only club. It's clearly stated in the rules.


You must have a terrible crush on me to keep following me all around this site. ;)


Yes and we all know that you must "follow the rules". Nevermind the negative consequences! We must all "Follow the rules".


And if they let everyone do that. It adds up.


How many people should Costco break the rules for then? Why be a membership club if you let non members shop?

You see how that works? Employees are paid through membership fees. Costco doesnt make money on products like say Target.

So if they bend the rules each time someone comes in then what? Employees lose jobs etc.