Baltimore, Maryland

I went in to purchase two tire for my car. First the front end service guy did not have a clue about tires to help me.

After I finally decided on what tires I was getting I told him I wanted them mounted on the front. He told me when buying 2 tires they will only mount them on the back but they will move my other tires up to the front. I tried to explain to him that the front tires were worn out and the back tire were about 50 % so with the car having front wheel drive and the steering on the front I want the new tire's mounted on the front. He said no.

I asked for a manager and the manager told me the same thing. I asked him it is my car, I am buying the tires and you are telling me where you will mount them? He said yes on the back only. He told me if I wanted new tires on the front I would have to purchase 4 tires.

I told him no I want my tires on the front so I will find somewhere else to buy them and walked out. They lost a $ 437.00 sale for being ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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Wow that is a pretty low bar for the worst ever. How dare they follow safety standards.

When tires are replaced in pairs, the new tires should always be installed on the rear axle and the partially worn tires moved to the front. New tires on the rear axle help the driver more easily maintain control on wet roads since deeper treaded tires are better at resisting hydroplaning.


You may own the car, but putting the tires on the car is Costco's liability. It is policy to put the new tires on the rear of the vehicle


If the customer is buying the tires, he/she should get to say where they are placed on the car. I would have walked out without purchasing also.

I don't need a company to "protect" me. The can inform me, then let me make my own decisions.


I know it doesn't make sense, however the safest place to mount only 2 tires is the rear of the vehicle. I worked in a Costco Tire Center when the "rolled" out this procedure and it didn't and still doesn't go over well.

However Michelin states that this is the safest place for 2 new tires. I kind of believe them since they are the experts and it is their reputation on the line.

So, any place that will mount two new tires on the front doesn't know their business. Michelin has done studies and there is a video you can watch that proves that two new tires go in the rear.


Safety reasoning, but they are telling you the truth. Just because you own a car, did you think you were the expert.